My Summer Vacation, Part 5 of 6, Key West, Florida

After Newport, my husband and I came home to Maryland and caught a plane to Miami. We stayed overnight near the airport and first thing in the morning we drove 165 miles to Key West, Florida. I told him that I always had wanted to visit, so he got me there. The drive was interesting. […]

My Summer Vacation, Part 3 of 6, Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island, one of my favorite cities. My husband and I have visited Providence many times before. We have either stayed overnight on the way to another destination or stayed for a few days. I love to walk along the waterfront and explore the city. We also love the Rhode Island School of Design’s […]

My Summer Vacation, Part 2 of 6, Portland, Maine

After visiting LL Bean in Freeport, Maine, we came back down the coast to Portland, Maine. I had always wanted to visit after passing the exit on our way to somewhere in northern Maine years before.Portland, Maine is a nice town with a very vibrant downtown area on the waterfront. There are many restaurants and […]

My Summer Vacation Part 1 of 6, Freeport, Maine

This summer my husband and I took a vacation that took us from Maryland to Maine to Rhode Island to Key West to Miami. We couldn’t take the multiple separate vacations that we might have taken due to other responsibilities. It was a great vacation and over the next few days I am going to […]

Nik Silver Efex Pro on Old House, Delaware, #WPP2016-Wk-15-Architecture

I took this picture of a house out the car window when I was in Delaware last week. I don’t do a ton of post processing other than black and white and cropping but when the Nik collection was offered for free I downloaded it. Looking through the collection I started to think I really […]

More Than Java Cafe, Laurel, MD #SundayMorning @morethanjavacafe #coffee #tea

Today I am at More Than Java Cafe for #SundayMorning. I just took a sip of the Green Machine Smoothie and oh my goodness is it delicious. I have been here multiple times and consistently the service, food, and drink have been excellent. The owners welcome you each and every time. More Than Java Cafe […]