29 Days in South Carolina: Smith Steifle Store, Bradley, SC

Bradley, SC During my childhood, I spent the summers in Bradley, SC with my grandparents. We use to ride our bikes up and down the road, around the house, around my great-grandmother’s yard, or down to my cousin’s house. Later we road minibikes. But my brothers and cousins did that more than I. It was […]

29 Days in South Carolina: Belton, SC

Belton, SC To get to our final destination in South Carolina, we drove from Anderson, SC to Orangeburg, SC. This took us through Belton, Greenwood, Promised Land, and Bradley, SC. Not to mention many other towns along the way. During the trip I photographed many sights, mostly from inside of the car.  Belton, SC was […]

29 Days in South Carolina: Gaffney Peachoid, Gaffney, NC

29 Days in South Carolina I recently spent 29 days in South Carolina with relatives after the death of a dear family member. First, I learned one major lesson, if you live in another state then other people know your relatives way better than you because they get to see the day to day personality […]

Jones-Carter Gallery Before the Exhibit

I had the honor of visiting the Jones-Carter Gallery in Lake City, SC before their upcoming exhibit,¬†Until I Was Taught and other works. My cousin Herman Keith and 5 other artists are included in the exhibit. I got to tag along with my cousin as he delivered his artwork. I met many of the very […]