Corcoran Gallery of Art

On 11/23/2012, I visited the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Since we moved two blocks from the subway, I have rarely used it for trips downtown because there is an abundance of weekend track work. So today thankfully it is operating as scheduled.

I got on and headed to Farragut North.



The museum is about five blocks from the subway stop.



Upon arriving, I promptly stopped at Todd Gray’s Muse Cafe. πŸ™‚ for a bite to eat. I had the Fried Chickpea. I also purchased a scone to go. The food was excellent. Do you remember the days of museum and amusement park food of old where it was disgusting even for the palate of a teenager? Well, those days are gone. This was 3.5-4 star quality.


The gallery is a very eclectic gallery. The art went from old to new.


I came upon a painting draw by an African-American painter, Joshua Johnson. According to Wikipedia he may have been the “first person of first person of color to make a living as a painter in the United States.” He painted pictures of well to do people. I would have never guessed that this situation existed. Though my common sense knows that African-Americans are multitalented multifaceted people, my people, I just never thought of this. Here he painted a family portrait.


There were many other paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Some that I hope one day to understand such as the one below. I know it has a lot of meaning and I know that I just need to read the history of the artist. And I know the artist got their inspiration from someone. I just need to search a little deeper for that meaning. πŸ™‚


All in all my visit was very good. At first I tried to read the captions by each piece of art, but I had to stop and just enjoy the art as time went on. Take a look at some of the other art by visiting their Collections page.

If you would like to visit the gallery please check out the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s Visitors Information.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

I got a chance to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial today. There are many who are not satisfied with the memorial for various reasons, all rightfully so I am sure. But I have decided to look at things from a different perspective, this man, though not perfect and reportedly with some moral failings, put his life on the line to fight for liberty and justice for all. He deserves a memorial and the way I see it whether this one is perfect or not, it is well deserved and way late in coming.

There were so many wonderful sayings of MLK’s around the memorial. If only some of the cowardly politicians of our time would live and act by some of the sayings. Many people hold up certain people with such high regard in this current time and if they were measured by the measure of is what you are saying equal and fair for all? Does what you propose oppress certain people? Would you want your mother, daughter, or child to have no health insurance? Would you want your mother, daughter, or child to be treated differently because of the color of their skin?

Well honestly, some of the very people that are going around fighting to “take this country back to what it use to be” don’t seem to know that they are or will end up being treated unequally and unfairly in the end if left up to the politicians that they support that spew the things that I am hearing from some of today’s politicians. Which makes me wonder, is it more important to “get back to what we use to be” or to actually be truthful about the politicians we support. Based on the blind following, I think it is the taking back the country…shame…shame.

For more information on the memorial

Philips Collection Degas Exhibit

I went to the Philips Collection Degas exhibit on December 11, 2011.The pictures were beautiful and definitely showed his passion for movement and ballet.It brought back thoughts of when I took ballet as a little girl. All that I remember is having cute pink ballet slippers, a leotard, and the fluffy outfit. I remember first position. I don’t remember much more. But seeing the pictures, I was thinking how hard it is to actually be a ballerina. It is a lot of hard work and then in the end your career probably doesn’t last for the length of time that a “normal” career last because of the strain on your body.I wish that I was the type of writer that can describe a picture to you in words, but at this point I am not. Suffice it to say there was plenty of detail, plenty of color, and lots of action in the paintings.


Get Away, Philadelphia, Day 2

We had a nice relaxing time in Philadelphia.The view from a waterfront room at the Hyatt is not the most beautiful, but it is beautiful in a sense because I like water. In this picture you are looking at New Jersey. Water always seems to make things calmer whether it is brown or blue.On Sunday morning we decided Β to indulge in the breakfast that came with the room. We had breakfast at Hyatt’s Keating Grill which provides the view in the pictures below but at a lower level. A breakfast of fruit, potatoes, and grilled vegetables hit the spot.2011-01-02 Philadelphia-789After breakfast we took a walk down the Penn’s landing pier. People jog, stroll, and just enjoy the view when traversing this pier.2011-01-02 Philadelphia-633We had dinner on this ship, the Moshulu, a long time ago. It was very formal. The menu and atmosphere have changed a little since then.2011-01-02 Philadelphia-461 

We decided to skip the museum this time as I wanted to find the chocolate shop and the tea shop. First up was Teuscher Chocolates. All I knew was that I saw an add in the Where Philadelphia magazine that mentioned chocolates and that I wanted to go to this place. It turns out that they have excellent chocolate! I got a selection and we went to the Starbucks for some tea and chocolates. One of the chocolates was something called a Dark Champagne Truffle. It was awesome. After this a certain break was needed and it turns out that the place we were in, the Bellevue, which is another Hyatt, has a location for this on the 19th floor. The picture that you see below is from the 19th floor of this building. The water is the Delaware River.

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-555 

After walking around on the west side of Broad Street, visiting shops near Rittenhouse Square, we found the tea shop, Premium Steep. My husband loves tea and found some high quality Sencha there. I drink it, love tea shops, but am not into tea as much as he is. So when I am asked if I want to smell the tea, it doesn’t do a whole lot for me. πŸ™‚ One day it will.

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-318

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-113


Philadelphia Museum of Art Membership

My husband and I recently went to Philadelphia. During that visit we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I don’t remember why we went to the PMA, but I am so glad we did! During that time there was a special Cezanne exhibit in progress. The tickets were sort of pricey so my husband and I decided to purchase a Supporter level membership. This membership would get us into the museum, the exhibit, a discount on parking, and entry into 50 other museums around the country.I am so glad we did this. The Cezanne exhibit sparked an interest in art in us. I have always enjoyed looking at the “pretty” pictures, but while looking at the art, something changed. The exhibit included artwork from Cezanne but then it also included art from other artists that were influenced by Cezanne. The other artists’ works ranged from works that were very similar to something more modern to more abstract to one that was a big blue swath that was to represent the water in the original painting.As we viewed the art the spark of interest started. I was so fascinated by the original works and the interpretations. I now want to learn more about the artists lives and why they painted a particular painting. Why is the painting dark, how did they make the veins in Socrates’ feet show up, why does the head in look so crazy, why didn’t they put clothes on those ladies, was chubby in vogue during those times, were all of those men really that muscular, how did they make the colors so vivid, did they really just throw paint on a canvas, why do I like this picture?As we go on our museum and art journey, I hope to find the answers to those questions and explore a whole new world which is accessible to all.