Countdown! Headed to the @PhilaFlowerShow this morning. @theflowershow @phsgardening #PhiladelphiaFlowerShow

This is the first time visiting this flower show. Each summer, when I visited my grandmother, we would go to the Park Seed Festival of Flowers in Greenwood, SC. I have heard very nice things about the Philadelphia Flower Show and am sure it will be great.

U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC

Wednesday was beautiful and somewhere in the 70’s. I went downtown to meet a friend. After my meeting I walked from Union Station to the U. S. Botanic Gardens and took pictures of the U. S. Capitol with my Sony a6000 and my Google Pixel 2 XL. Well the Pixel phone picture outdid my a6000. So to outdo my phone I took 3 exposures (under exposed, exposed properly, and over exposed) and combined them using HDR. All of the pictures are below. The next time I am down there I want to take the picture from the same angle with both cameras.Sony a6000 HDR combination of the 3 photos belowOver exposedProperly exposedUnder exposed

Not the Supermoon or the Blue Moon, Harrington, DE

Well, I just couldn’t get a good picture of the Supermoon or Blue Moon on January 31, 2018. There was a tree in the way from all angles which wouldn’t let me focus on the moon. But I did get this shot on the same night. I discovered that the settings were the opposite of what I originally expected and these settings got the results below: ISO 100; f6.3; 1/500 sec; 210 mm. The Moon 

Pixel 2 XL First Photos

My vacation started on December 22, 2017 and I immediately started to search for things to photograph. The Whole Foods never fails because there are many things to photograph in and around the store. It was also my first full day using my Pixel 2 XL phone’s camera. I am not dropping my “real” camera but I liked the photos that I got from the phone. The  pictures in this post were taken with the Pixel 2 XL. More to come on the pictures that I got at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.Photos taken on 12/22/2017